How to create a Property Manager in 2-Way Chat Service

Property Manager

Customers using the Syniverse 2-Way Chat Service can create Property Managers as a user of their tenant that has more advanced capabilities than an agent. A Property manager is an authority over a particular property.  Below is a list of activities a property manager can perform

  1. Can do everything an agent can do
  2. Create New Agents (User Logins)
  3. Assign Agents to a property
  4. The can delete, view messages across the Property

Create a Property Manager

You have to be a Global Manager to create a Property Manager.

  • Login to your tenant with your Global Admin credentials
  • Navigate to the Administration tab
  • Select the sub-tab "Property managers"



  • Select  Select_Propert_Manager_Capture.PNG
  • Fill in the form below with the necessary details. A property manager can only be assigned to one property


  • Click Save

If you need to change an Agent to a Property Manager, you will need delete the Agent and re-create as a Property Manager. 


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