How to Setup a Facebook Messenger Sender ID on SCG

Syniverse Prerequisite:

  • Familiar with how Facebook Messenger works as a Channel on the Syniverse Platform ( See Facebook Messenger overview)
  • Must have a valid Syniverse messaging account
  • You have executed a Syniverse Messaging agreement with FB as a channel
  • Have a payment account with pricing configured

Facebook Application Registration

A critical part of the Sender ID process is the requirement for Customers to have completed registration with Facebook to use the messenger service.

Customers can follow the process outlined in the Syniverse user guide on the Syniverse document's page to set up their account on Facebook.  Customer will need to have provisioned the following components on Facebook and provide the information to Syniverse:

  1. App Secret:
  2. Page Access Token:

How to create a Facebook Sender ID in SCG

Submit a Sender ID Using the APIs or Messaging Console

via API

To submit a request for a Facebook Sender ID via API, you will need the following.

  • {Name} : A name for your Sender ID e.g. Somebody’s Bakery Facebook
  • {app_secret} : this is the app secret generated for the Customers application on Facebook
  • {page_access_token}: this is the token generated for the Customer’s page that is associated with their Facebook messenger application

With all the information handy, submit a request for a FB Sender ID like the sample below:


curl -L -X POST '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer {TOKEN}' --data-raw '{"name":"Jonny'\''s_bakery_Facebook","class_id":"COMMERCIAL","type_id":"FACEBOOK","credentials":"{\"app_secret\":\"0906eab6cd5f48f81f4a4674711f2a73\",\"page_access_token\":\"EIIZAMiPGakrYBAK3thWRm8f6h4jEBdn996hRJojMSj5jHBnmksLZCdRbH2GGm0NEoPHLwDmgwoFhTSFz03V35YFbTEaqFke4eMm6E6DCiZApvZCxZAnPJfol69zRoPvZCcjEmZBF3FIdPBfdwJZCK1mHZBLKf6PQwEop56M5eknLbkQZDZD\"}"}'


200, OK

{id: 5YFbTEaqFke4eMm6E6DCiZApvZ} – This is your new Sender ID


Via SCG Message Console

  1. Log in to SCG Message Console and navigate to Sender Address in the Messaging Accounts Menu
  2. Select mceclip0.png then click on Facebook, choose your Country from the drop-down menu and select “Next”


  1. Complete the required information using the details gathered from your Facebook application setup and click submit




{vAh0hCAVYX0VXTTLdL3sn3} – Sender ID
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