Syniverse CPaaS WeChat Messaging Channel - Service description

For Enterprise or its clients looking to consume WeChat Messaging service, Syniverse provides access through its Syniverse CPaaS APIs that allows Enterprise to provide communication services between their application and a WeChat user. The Syniverse CPaaS APIs provides access to WeChat’s messaging services that includes the ability to trigger a conversational messaging that includes sending and receiving 2- way (MO/MT) messages with the following content type - Text and Images. Currently Syniverse’s CPaaS API does not support WeChat tagging, so initial WeChat uses will be limited to standard WeChat messaging

To utilize the WeChat as a messaging channel using the Syniverse CPaaS APIs, the Enterprise and or its client must have completed registration and approval of an Official WeChat Account. The Enterprise will need to visit for details on how to create an Official WeChat account .Your account information will be used to create a unique Syniverse Sender ID for each application that is required to operate this service on the Syniverse CPaaS API platform.

Prior to setting up a Sender ID for WeChat Messaging via the Syniverse CPaaS API services, Enterprise must have a valid Syniverse Messaging account and agreement  (which may include additional fees and charges), Enterprise shall also have completed the necessary registration and provisioning of credentials with WeChat including: (i) a valid application credentials, (ii) a valid and approved account and application IDs, (iii) an agreement with WeChat for the use of their messaging services, and (iv) agree to abide by WeChat’s rules, regulations, privacy policy and any applicable laws. When the Enterprise attaches, uploads, transmits or displays any data, information, media or other message content in connection with its services, your customers’ or end users’ use of the Services through WeChat, the Enterprise understands and agrees that:

  1. you will continue to own and be responsible for the message content;
  2. yours or your client’s message content shall conform with the terms of use and distribution as agreed to between you and WeChat.
  3. you will comply with the terms of this Service Attachment, including the AUP, privacy policy in yours, your customers’ or end users’ submission of messages and/or message content;
  4. Syniverse reserves the right to block or remove any message or message content for any reason, especially in the event that it is deemed to be inappropriate or as required by applicable laws and regulations;
  5. you are solely responsible for yours, your clients or end users’ messages. Syniverse does not provide copies of messages and recommends that the Enterprise keep back-up copies at all times;

Customers are required to have an Official Business Account with WeChat to use this service. Syniverse shall in no way be responsible for obtaining or acquiring a WeChat account for or on behalf of the Customer or its clients. Customers will solely be responsible for managing the WeChat account including any changes to the provider’s terms, yours or your client’s credentials and any applicable service.  


Exclusions. The Syniverse WeChat Messaging channel may not be used to send any messages to or from the following countries and regions: Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

For Pricing details, please contact your Account Manager or our Sales Department for details.

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