Payload Encryption (JWE) configuration

Version v1.0, October 2022


Web hook payloads can be encrypted using JWE. This is configured using ESS Manager 

Creating a new Payload Encryption (JWE) configuration

  • Click on the gear menu next to the delivery configuration item you wish to add a Payload Encryption (JWE) Configuration.

    If you do not have any delivery configurations see AddingaNewDelivery Configuration.



  • Click on Payload Encryption (JWE)

If you have not previously created a Payload Encryption (JWE) configuration the configuration form will be switched off, otherwise, it will show and allow you to edit your configuration.




  • Enable the Payload Encryption (JWE) by clicking on the Encrypt Payload switch and enter the required JWK URL is required to save the configuration. JWT JOSE Headers and JWK Optional Headers are optional.



  • JWK Optional Headers may be added by clicking the Add JWK Optional Headers may be removed by clicking the trash icon.



  • After you have completed editing the form, Click Update to save your changes.



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