Can I access Canadian Phone Numbers?

While we support Canadian Phone Numbers, we are required by the Canadian Authorities to get approval before we can provide access to the data.

Canada has a special regulation that requires every entity that looks up Canada numbers to be approved by the Canadian consortium (CLNPC). 

If you don't have this approval then a 400 error will be returned when you lookup a Canadian number.

If you wish to access Canadian Phone Number data, then we need to submit an approval request on your behalf to the Canadian Consortium and once the Consortium has notified Syniverse of their approval of the request, then we can enable access to the phone number data.

Here are the steps required in the approval process
a) The attached Schedule D Form should be completed by yourself. Syniverse will support the completion of the form.
b) Syniverse will forward the completed Schedule D the Canadian consortium (CLNPC).
c) If CLNPC approves the use of the data – usually completed within 10 to 12 business days – CLNPC will reach out directly to yourself and will share a dedicated bilateral contract. 
This contract will be executed directly between the CLNPC and yourself with no involvement from Syniverse
d) Upon execution of the bilateral agreement, the CLNPC will charge you $1,800/year (Canadian), which will be billed in January and prorated for mid-year implementation.
e) CLNPC will provide approval notification to Syniverse.
f) Upon approval notification, Syniverse can enable access to Canadian data.

To start the process please raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.

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