Syniverse Platform Application Access Token Refresh

The Syniverse Platform supports two ways to refresh tokens. The first one is through the SDC portal and the second one is programmatically via APIs. I have described both the methods below.

  • Token Refresh through SDC UI

Please follow the following steps on the SDC UI:

  1. Log into the SDC UI portal and go to the Applications page.
  2. Select the Application for which you want the token to be refreshed.
  3. Click on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the Application screen.
  4. Click on the “Auth Keys” tab of the Application screen.
  5. In order to re-generate the token, you need to provide the following parameters:
    1. The Token Expiration duration. Any value <=0 results in a non-expiring key.
    2. Select the unit associated with the value. Possible values are “Milliseconds”, “Minutes”, “Nanoseconds”, “Seconds”, “Microseconds”, “Hours” and “Days”.
    3. Click on the “Re-Generate” button.
  6. A new token is generated and displayed on the UI under “Access Token” field.

n.b. using the web UI to re-generate the Access Token replaces the existing Access token, effectively revoking the existing Access token. 

  • Token Refresh – Programmatically

Please follow the following steps to refresh expired Access tokens programmatically. The following API call can be used to refresh expired tokens:

  1. The API call requires the following parameters: 
    1. Consumer Key : Available via the UI in the Application page under “Auth Keys”
    2. Consumer Secret : Available via the UI in the Application page under “Auth Keys”
    3. Old Token : Available via the UI in the Application page under “Auth Keys”
    4. Validity:  Should be a number with a unit of “Seconds”
  2. The sample API call example is as follows:
curl -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" ""

 The response for the API call is:

{"accessToken":"<New Token>","validityTime":<Time to Expiration>}

Example - {"accessToken":"e6e9b18a-6e62-38fb-9bd4-9aa82e93f654","validityTime":86011}

If the API call is made for a valid token, i.e. one that has not yet expired, then the existing valid token is not replaced, and the details of the existing valid token will be returned. 

Code Samples

There are also code samples in Java and Python on Github here

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