Checking Monitored Phone Numbers


PNV Customers can use the PNV Premium monitoring feature to receive automatic notifications for phone number events.

To use the feature the PNV customers subscribes lists of phone numbers using the Batch Scrub & Monitor feature.

The customer can also unsubscribe numbers using the batch unsubscribe feature. Disconnected phone numbers are also automatically unsubscribed.

More details on all the above are available here and here.

Due to the ongoing changes, the PNV customer may want to verify which phone numbers are subscribed.

The Subscriptions dump feature enables the customer to do this.

The feature is an API call, which triggers the generation of a file containing a list of all the subscribed phone numbers.

Due to the file size, the list is not returned in the API call, but is created as a file and stored on the Media Storage Service. This is the same service used for batch file storage.

Dump Subscriptions API Call

A single GET API Call is used to trigger the create of the subscription list.





Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer {Your Bearer Token}



The API response will contain the reference id for the file which will be created.
i.e. {"file-reference-id":"123456789"}

Downloading the Subscriptions List File

When to download the file

Depending on the number of the subscriptions, the file can take some time to create.

If desired the customer can be notified via a webhook once the file creation is complete.

Alternatively the customer may choose to wait for an period of time before attempting the download.

If the customer prefers to use a notification, then they need to create a delivery configuration & subscription first. More details on how to set up Event Manager are available here

Downloading Output file

The output file is downloaded using a single API call to the MSS service. This API call uses the file reference id in the previous response





Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer {Your Bearer Token}

int-companyId: {your company-id}


Response and Output File Format

The response will include the output file.

The output file contains a list of the subscriptions, for each subscription it will include

  • delivery configuration
  • topic and event subscribed to
  • number subscribed
  • start and end dates for the subscription

An example is provided below

{"del-cfg-id":"123", "topic-nm":"NIS-Events", "evt-tp":"porting_event", "match-crt":"number=+1234567890", "start-date":"11-OCT-16", "end-date":"10-OCT-17"}

{"del-cfg-id":"123", "topic-nm":"NIS-Events", "evt-tp":"porting_event", "match-crt":"number=+4567890123", "start-date":"01-JAN-17", "end-date":"12-DEC-17"}

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