Syniverse MFA overview

With identity theft being the fastest growing crime worldwide, companies need a way to protect their customers and business assets from fraud. Syniverse Multi-Factor Authentication Service (SMFA) provides companies with a set of APIs that enable a user’s identity to be verified by using multiple sources.

This REST-based authentication service generates and verifies a one-time password to authenticate a user’s identity via their mobile device. Additionally, this service enables customers to integrate their application with Syniverse's API to trigger the delivery of a customized token and verify the authenticity of the user via SMS, voice or push notification.

Key Features

Our Multi-Factor Authentication Service supports a wide range of features that provide customers with the flexibility to develop a detailed authentication and verification process. By using this service, you can:

  • Deliver a token to customers via SMS, push message or voice
  • Configure and store multiple applications that drive authentication behavior
  • Validate and store customer mobile phone numbers
  • Generate and validate authentication tokens
  • Customize token length, format (e.g. numeric, alpha, alphanumeric and complex), and validity duration
  • Develop message templates for easy customization of SMS token delivery
  • Access public channel for quick, easy SMS delivery of token to customer (optional)



  • Ease of use: Quick and easy to consume APIs and set upin minutes
  • Reduce risk: Identify who is accessing your mobile or Web applications
    • Low Cost: No setup or monthly fees or additional expensive hardware/infrastructure required
  • Feature-rich: Customizable features with several delivery methods to engage with your customers seamlessly

Use Cases

  • Password resets
  • 2- factor authentication
  • Password-less logins
  • User/Number Verification


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