How often does ESS try to deliver events to me if there is a failure in delivery

Event Manager has built in retry mechanism and will try to retry delivery the event notification if the first delivery fails.

The following are the retry intervals defined at the system level and are applicable to all web hooks.

  • 2nd Attempt : 30 seconds after 1st delivery attempt.
  • 3rd Attempt  : 1 minutes after 2nd delivery attempt.
  • 4th Attempt  : 30 minutes after 3rd delivery attempt.
  • 5th Attempt  : 60 minutes after 4th delivery attempt.

Delivery failures are categorized into recoverable (self-healing) errors or non-recoverable errors that need manual intervention for resolution.  

Recoverable HTTP Status Codes

Non-Recoverable HTTP Status Codes

  • 4XX (except 404 and 408 HTTP status codes)

If the event manager receives an error categorized under Recoverable HTTP Status Codes - then event manager will automatically retry delivery of the event notification based on the intervals mentioned above. After the 5th attempt, the event delivery will be marked as FAILED - no further delivery will be attempted by the event manager.

As an industry standard, if your application logic relies on the web hook notifications, the client application should have high availability (99.99 or higher) and any maintenance windows on the client side should not exceed 90 mins in order to guarantee delivery of the event notification. 


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