How to perform Voice and Messaging Console User Access Management


When a Syniverse Developer Community company is provisioned with the Voice and Messaging service offering, users get access to the Voice and Messaging console.

The users can perform the following operations within the Voice and Messaging console.

  • Sender ID Management
  • Template and Keyword Management
  • Contact Management
  • Channel Management
  • Manage Attachments
  • Schedule Messages
  • View Inbox / Outbox
  • Run reports

User access is managed via assigning pre-defined roles. It can be done by the Company Admin. Alternately Syniverse support personnel can perform the updates on behalf of the customer via a Service Request.

Currently the platform supports the following SCG User Roles :

  • SCG_UI_Admin_User
  • SCG_UI_Base_User

The company admin (role : User_Administrator ) can upgrade or downgrade the access for an existing user by updating the roles.



  • View Inbox/Outbox
  • View Sender IDs
  • View templates and keywords
  • View contacts
  • View private/public channels
  • Generate/View transaction reports.


  • View Inbox/Outbox
  • Purchase/Request/Edit Sender IDs
  • Send Messages
  • Create/Edit templates
  • Create/Edit keywords
  • Create/Edit contacts
  • Create/Edit private channels and view public channels
  • Upload/Delete attachments
  • Generate/View transaction reports.
  • Schedule Messages
  • Delete from Inbox/Outbox

Users with User_Administrator role will be able to 

  • Upgrade a user from SCG_UI_Base_User role to SCG_UI_Admin_User role.
  • Restrict user access by downgrading the a user from SCG_UI_Admin_User  role to SCG_UI_Base_User role.
  • Remove all access to Voice & Messaging console by removing the SCG roles.

User Administration can be done via the following link in the Syniverse Developer Community Portal. Only user with both User_Administrator and SDC_Admin role will be able to perform user administration.

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