Custom Headers for WebHooks

The Event Manager service delivers events and information to customers using web hooks.

Sometimes customers want to define Custom Headers to be used when sending requests to their web hooks.

Customers can configure these custom headers as part of their delivery configuration in the Event Manager.

Two different types of Custom Header are supported

  • Static Headers
  • Dynamic Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) Headers

Multiple Headers can be added, and can be any type. These are added via the Event Manager UI as shown below.

Once custom headers are created for a delivery configuration, the custom headers are then used with any event / web hook request sent using the delivery configuration.

Managing Custom Headers

Custom Headers dialog is selected using the settings menu for an individual delivery configuration


Header type selected by using the drop down and clicking Add


Header details are entered using the text entry fields


n.b. For Static Headers enter both Header name & Value, for UUID Headers only enter the Header Name

Headers can be added, updated or deleted


Edits to or new headers are only saved when the update button is used. 

Custom Headers can either be deleted individually, or alternatively the delete button can be used to delete all custom headers.

Any changes made, including adding, modifying or deleting headers can take up to 15mins to propagate. Therefore please allow up to 15mins when making changes,




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