How to create a Push Sender Address/ID

To send Push Notification messages on the SCG (Syniverse communication Gateway) cross-channel platform, you need to make sure you have a valid Push Sender Address. A Push Sender Address or ID is a unique identifier that allows your application to call the right resources within the platform to sender a push message to a contact with a registered device token.

How to setup and create a Push-capable sender ID

Once you've registered for an account and have successfully subscribed to the Voice and Messaging service offering, see quick start guide if you have not. Then the next steps would be to start building/testing your application in our platform. 

Create a Push Sender ID using the UI

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the Service Offerings
  3. Navigate to Voice and Messaging and click on the radio button to access the SCG UI
  4. From the SCG UI, 

  • Sender address name: Whatever name you wish to call you sender address.
  • Address:  This is your application ID or bundle ID. This can be the ID from your app on Google or apple store. E.g.
  • Credentials: These are the certificates for your APN or FCM . Please make sure it matches the environment where your Push application is ( Production or Sandbox). Please make sure your Apple APN certificate is encoded from binary to base64
    How to encode the binary Apple APN certificate from binary blob to base64.

    In Linux:
    $ base64 -w0 cert > encoded_data
    In macOS:
    $ base64 -i cert > encoded_data

    Since the certs have to be obtained via Apples developer portal, and the crt request made from a Mac, this task will most likely be assigned to a developer with sufficient knowledge to also perform the conversion. Note that we use base64 encoding without newlines. This is default on macos, but not on Linux.
    The encoded data should now be ready to be pasted into the cert textbox on the sender address page on the SCG UI
  • Topic: This is the Push topic. Could be same as application ID or any other way you want to identify your application (Only applicable to APN)
  • To create a PUSH sender ID via API, see sample curl below:

    curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer 04c3121c-3e9f-320f-b5d6-1768dd032b2a" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"name":"PUSH_TEST","class_id":"COMMERCIAL","type_id":"PUSH","address":"com.syniverse.scg.push.demo","capabilities":["PSH"],"credentials":"{\"APN\":{\"certificate\":\"MIIZuAIBAzCCGX8GCSqGSIb3E




    B5MCMGCSqGSIb3DQEJFTEWBBTn3s3EIwXKQw8TH8fQY976JL56CTAwMCEwCQYFKw4DAhoFAAQUb+cKH7H3ZMvKa6I6WR3y2qiPITsECPk00EvsjroRAgEB\",\"topic\":\"com.syniverse.scg.push.demo\",\"environment\":\"production\"},\"GCM\":{\"certificate\":\"AAAA1hmIb1g:APA91bGYHMRyZR9CcP8SUxHIdt0FUfyCNpEGDZV8rMGE2fTx3h_i1ASnkbgCZtqfmIi1yaM82k9gaybDZrBrVzyLf46etFTJb-rfLC5-A7Kqp2p9VyI5uEmqFaqJn1otcEgZf4ep2evM\"} }" }'


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