Supported MMS content type and size

The Syniverse Communication Gateway (SCG) service offering offers MMS as one of its message channels for engaging end-users. The SCG MMS channel is fully compliant with the 3GPP standards and specifications with regards to file size recommendations and supported formats.

SCG provides an attachment services where customers can upload and store contents that can be used in any of the messaging channels including MMS. The max size SCG will accept for each content to the attachment service is 5MB

MMS File Size

Each file size must take into consideration a base64 encoding overhead that is added to the content to translate into MM7 format in compliance with 3GPP TS 23.140 specifications. Base64 encoding can add as much as 30-40% of the size

To ensure a uniform experience across all US operators and accommodation of the variances in handset types, Syniverse recommends that all MMS content sent via a shortcode should not be more than 500KB. 

MMS Content type

The SCG MMS channel supports various content types which includes text messages upto 1000 character or bytes, images, video and audio files. SCG supports sending image/video/audio file + text in one single message. Please note that there are variations in performance between handsets and between the various MMS clients. 

Supported MIME types:

  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • image/gif : 87A, 89A
  • image/bmp

Audio Types:

  • audio/QCELP
  • audio/wav
  • audio/x-wav
  • audio/midi
  • audio/SP-midi
  • audio/mid
  • audio/amr
  • audio/mp3
  • audio/mp4
  • audio/aac or aac+

Video types:

  • video/mpeg-4/mp4
  • video/h.263/h264
  • video/motion jpeg
  • video/asf
  • video/3gpp
  • video/3gpp2
  • video/mp4v-es
  • video/mp4-es  


  • text/vcard
  • application/gzip
  • application/rtf

Note that if a video is part of a message, the following guidelines needs to be met:

  • Video file format: 3gpp or 3gpp2
  • Video file extension: 3gp,3gpp,3g2,3gpp2
  • Video Mime Type: video/3gpp, video/3gp, video/3g2, video/3gpp2
  • Max number of frames: 225d
  • Max Frame rate : 15fps
  • Min Frame rate: >0.5fps
  • Max Video Duration/FPS: upt 30s@7.5fps, upto 15s@15fps
  • Max video Bit rate: upto256K
  • Video encoding: Mpeg-4 VSP L0,L1,L2 h.263 profile 3 Level 10, H.263 Profile 0 Level 10
  • Audio encoding: AMR-NB, AMR-WB, AAC LC, QCELP -13K 9for 3g2 files)
  • Audio Bit rate :QCELP =14400, AMR-NM = 6400, AMR-WB = 7200, AAC LC= 29500

 Please note that certain MIME types may not work on some Operators or device types.

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