SCG Toll-Free Messaging Overview

Solution Overview

Syniverse Toll-Free Messaging Solution offers a convenient communication channel that enables businesses to engage directly with their customers through SMS and MMS (multimedia messaging). Through the use of a pre-provisioned Toll-free number or a business's existing branded toll-free 1-8xx number, customers can initiate a dialogue with businesses to address their questions or concerns, request account updates, and inquire about products and services. Businesses can then respond to their customers, enhancing loyalty and building brand credibility while respecting customers’ time and availability.

How it works



Use Cases

Below are examples of ways to leverage Syniverse toll-free messaging solution to extend your reach, enhance customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, and increase brand engagement:

  • Security & Verification - Send OTP (One-time passcodes) using Toll free messaging, verify and authenticate consumers using their mobile device.
  • Customer Service - Optimize your consumer engagement process by introducing text message interactions. Consumers can inquire about orders, appointments or receive latest information via Toll-free messaging
  • Event Notification - Send alerts and notifications for appointments, reminders or event-based notifications like delivery confirmations, delays etc
  • Content Compliant Marketing programs

Toll-Free Messaging Program Onboarding

Syniverse communication gateway offers Enterprise customers with valid programs and use cases the ability to engage end-users via our SMS API resources or the use of our SCG Message Console by leasing or migrating Text-enabled Toll-free numbers. Customers are able to lease one or more toll-free numbers from Syniverse to use for SMS messaging. 

It is critical that it is understood that Toll-free messaging must comply with TCPA rules with regards to Opt-in and Opt-out end-user consent. As part of the onboarding, customer must be able to provide upon request the following information to ensure compliance:

  • A Valid Use Case
  • Process to Opt-In (opt-in work flow with screen shots)
  • Sample Message Content
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

Failure to comply with TCPA rules or violation of Toll-free messaging Content policy, may result in your messages blocked and may result in fines if a complaint is made to the authorities.



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