List of Countries with support for Dynamic message encoding

As part of the Syniverse Intelligent Messaging solution, we offer dynamic encoding of characters for your outbound SMS messages based on the destination country and or Operator. This ensures that your messages are delivered correctly without you having to submit specific character sets.

You can compose your message in UTF-8 and we take care of the rest.

Please note that for UCS-2 character sets, each message is 70 characters including any mandatory content required by an Operator. If you are concerned about sending multiple fragment messages, make sure to compose your message without special characters.

Below are a list of encoding by iso country codes and corresponding encoding that could be applied based on the content/character sets in a particular message.  Encoding is selected per Industry standard. for more information on this, please see our article on encoding 


"AUS": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Australia", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"AUT": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Austria", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"BRA": { "encodings": ["ASCII","UCS2"], "name": "Brazil", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"CHL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Chile", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"CHN": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "China", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"CAN": { "encodings": ["ASCII","UCS2"], "name": "Canada", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"COL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Colombia", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"FRA": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "France", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"DEU": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Germany", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"HKG": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Hong Kong", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"IND": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "India", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"ITA": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Italy", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"JPN": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Japan", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"CRI": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Costa Rica", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"POL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Poland", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"KOR": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "South Korea", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"MYS": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Malaysia", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"PER": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Peru", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"MEX": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Mexico", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"SWE": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Sweden", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"PHL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Philippines", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"RUS": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Russia", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"CHE": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Switzerland", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"SGP": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Singapore", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"ZAF": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "South Africa", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"ESP": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Spain", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"NOR": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Norway", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"THA": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Thailand", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"IRL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Ireland", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"ARE": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"GBR": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Great Britain", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"BGR": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Bulgaria", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"USA": { "encodings": ["ASCII","UCS2"], "name": "United States", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"ZMB": { "encodings": ["UCS2"], "name": "Zambia", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"MAC": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"LUX": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Luxembourg","fragmentationType": "UDH"},
"PRT": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Portugal", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"BEL": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "Belgium", "fragmentationType": "UDH" },
"TWN": { "encodings": ["GSM7BIT","UCS2"], "name": "TAIWAN", "fragmentationType": "UDH" }

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