How to configure Contacts Fast Access fields in SCG portal


The SCG portal provides the Addressbook functionality UI that allows to keep your contacts information in the SCG database, keeping it safe and additionally have the possibility to use these data in different ways and functionalities provided by SCG.


The SCG Contacts addressbook already have the basic fields required as an addressbook. These contact data fields can be used to send messages and create dynamic Contact Groups based on these fields as grouping criteria. However, in some cases, the existing contact data fields are too general and gets short if a more customized data needs to be referenced.


The Fast Access configuration functionality can be used to create fields and add data in the addressbook contact record according to the business needs providing rich functionality options to design customized messaging campaigns without the need of additional software developments.


This document provides a step-by-step procedure to create Fast Access Configurations in the SCG portal to define additional fields that later can be used or referenced in messages templates and dynamic contacts groups.


SCG standard Contacts fields

The SCG Addressbook currently have these fields: 

  • external_id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • birth_date
  • first_acquisition_date
  • last_acquisition_date
  • primary_mdn
  • primary_addr_line1
  • primary_addr_line2
  • primary_addr_city
  • primary_addr_zip
  • primary_addr_state
  • primary_addr_country
  • primary_email_addr
  • social_handlers
  • preferred_language
  • voice_preference


Creating a new Fast Access field

To create additional contacts fields, SDC provides the Addressbook:



1. Select the Fast Access configuration menu:



2. Click the “New Fast Access Rule” red button:



3. Type a name for the new Fast Access field, this name will be used as label in the contact form:



4. Select the next available “Target Attribute” for your new fast access field:



5. Click Save to save the new Fast Access field:



6. The new Fast Access is then saved and ready to use:



7. When you get into the contact form, the new Fast Access field will be displayed:




8. You could set a Value Derivation Script in JSONPath format to reference External Attributes in case those are set “ON” on your contacts. Example: if your contact have a Favorite_Color Extended Attribute you could define a Fast Access in reference of this as: $..extended_attributes.Favorite_Color

Note: by setting the Value Derivation Script prevent the Fast Access field from being displayed in the contact form.




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