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In the realm of SMS marketing, businesses often encounter a recurring challenge: sending text messages containing links to their website or promotional content, only to find that recipients are apprehensive about clicking on them due to concerns about their authenticity.

A solution for these concerns is the branded short link. By employing Branded Shortened Links,
businesses can mitigate the skepticism surrounding clickable URLs in text messages and enhance the effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns.

We offer branded URL shortener that enables businesses to create their own custom links using their company name and additionally track when the customer clicks the link.

This document provides a general procedure description on how to implement branded URL, starting with the required products and the requests to send to Syniverse to get the service ready to use and enable the development of the internal enterprise application.

What is required?

To implement Branded URL to use as shortened links and click tracking you must have:

  • Subscribe to Syniverse mobile engagement pack.
  • A domain name you plan to use as shortened link and tracking.
  • For the domain that you plan to use, have the permissions to create and modify CNAME records and redirect to specific point in the DNS configuration.


Procedure to setup a Branded URL

Once you count on the provisioned required products, the process takes about 2 weeks to

  1. Identify your domain, the one you plan to use to short URL and track the consumers clicks.
    • Note: There will be a validation step where you will have to prove ownership of domain. There are 4 ways to do this but a direct email from DigiCert will be the fastest options here.
  2. During the feature implementation phase, a Syniverse implementation manager will require you to create a new CNAME record on your domain pointing to Syniverse
    • Note: you don't need to modify name servers but the sub-domain name (“2” in the screen capture below) will be made visible to the end user and must be incorporated into the link branding expectations.
    • In this example the Branded URL is:
    • CNAME
  3. Your implementation manager will confirm you when your sender ids are ready to use your new provisioned Branded URL.


Testing a Branded URL

For this testing we currently have a Sender Id provisioned with the branded URL:

The link we want to send is:

The POST to send a SMS is:




The SMS finally sent to the mobile is:




CTR effect of Branded URL

Through the use of a branded link, there is a higher probability that customers will click on it due to their trust in the source by instilling a sense of confidence in the intended audience, branded URL short links for SMS can significantly boost click-through rates (CTRs). For further information on branded URL use cases and boosting CTR click here.


For further information about Using Link Tracking Service in Messages – Syniverse Developer Community




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