PNV error codes


The Phone Number Verification service or PNV is the service embedding multiple ways to validate and monitor the validity of mobile numbers. Errors can occur during the execution of the validation process.

This document provides the list of errors codes and its description that could eventually be raised during the execution of the process related to the PNV service.


Error codes

Please note that, in some cases, the same error code is shared for multiple descriptions:


Error Code Error Description Comments
NIS04000001 Invalid Phone format. Number format should be in E.164 format. Please re-submit request with correct format.
NIS04000001 Phone number attribute missing in the request. The request must specify phone number (mandatory)
NIS04000002 Invalid Feature. Feature values must correspond to available features as per documentation. As of the date of this article fs2 and fs5 are available.
NIS04000003 Invalid parameter. Please check the documentation.
NIS04000003 Canadian Number, Further authorization is required. Customer is not authorized to lookup Canadian numbers. Authorization from Canadian regulators is required.
NIS04010001 Unauthorized- Non retriable error code. Contact Syniverse support.
NIS04030001 Forbidden Operation- Non retriable error code. The SDC application Phone Number Verification service is OFF.
NIS05000001 Internal Server Error. Contact Syniverse support.


Note: When a PNV returns any of the above error codes, the PNV call is not charged to your billing account.



Example 1:

The error could raise at API call time. Let see an example: invalid feature.

curl -L -X POST \ \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer [TOKEN]" \
-d '{


In this case the API response is:

    "Error Response": {
        "error_code": "NIS04000002",
        "error_description": "Invalid Feature"


The same example in Postman:


Solution: Use a valid feature as fs2 or fs5


Example 2:

403 Forbidden

You’re API lookup call will get a reply like:

<ams:fault xmlns:ams="">
    <ams:message>Resource forbidden </ams:message>
    <ams:description>Access failure for API: /numberidentity/v3, version: v3 status: (900908) - Resource forbidden </ams:description>


This is a common error at implementation time, that is raised when the SDC application do not have the Phone Number Verification turned ON.

Solution: Turn on the PNV service in SDC:










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