Sending Messages to China


  • Politically sensitive words are forbidden in the message content; Syniverse runs a bad keyword filter that will remove and reject any messages that are deemed to violate any restricted keyword
  • Message type supported: Transactional and Promotional
  • End-user Consent in the form of an Opt-in is required for sending promotional messages
  • Shared Longcodes and Alpha numeric Sender addresses are not supported
  • Syniverse supports Longcodes for message termination in China. As part of the provisioning process, customers are required to provide the following: 
    • A copy of their business license for operating in China
    • Register a signature which is used to identify the Enterprise on all messages they send to China
    • Enterprise Signature is a MUST at the beginning of every message. E.g. “[SYN]Your authentication code is 12345.” or “【亚太信宇】您的校验码是12345”  by customer.
    • Besides, the length of a signature should be <= 8 letters and >= 3 letters. However, the request to extend the length could be discussed with the operators case by case.
    • When submitting content for operators’ approval/provisioning process, for variables in the content, message format needs to be outlined in the following manner:
    • ‘You are trying to login to ABC, please enter One-Time-Password {1}. If unauthorized, please call {2} immediately.
    • The numbers in parenthesis are variables.
  • SCG supports dynamic encoding of message characters. Encoding format supported are ASCII and USC2 for local language. See chart below for corresponding message siz
  • China Mobile a) up to 65chars UCS2 or 130chars ASCII for each non-concatenated SMS;
    b) up to 62chars UCS2 for each SMS if concatenatedd (not support ASCII)
    China Unicom
    China Telecom
    a) up to 70chars UCS2 or 140chars ASCII for each non-concatenated SMS;
    b) up to 67chars UCS2 and 134chars ASCII for each SMS if concatenated
  • Handset Delivery receipt supported.
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