How to setup a Webhook for Receiving Messages and Notifications

To receive messages/events from SCG to your application, you can setup a delivery configuration (webhook) and Subscribe to the SCG-Message topic to have these events posted to their application as JSON/XML object.

Example of events in the SCG-Message that can be posted to the customer's application include:

  • DR (Message Delivery Receipts)
  • MO (Mobile Originated Messages)
  • Sender ID events
  • Contact status events

Delivery Configuration (webhook) setup :

  • Select Events Manager from the SDC portal and click on Delivery Configuration
  • Click on New Delivery Configuration


  • Complete the configuration setup by adding your configuration name, callback url (Address) and click Create to complete the delivery configuration setup



Subscribe to SCG-Message Topic

  • Navigate to Events Manager and select Subscriptions
  • Click on New Subscription


  • Complete the Subscription form by selecting "SCG-Message" from the Topic field
  • In the Event Type, the default is "all types" but you can select specific events in the Event Type field. 
  • Select your Delivery configuration from the drop down
  • Select a startdate and an end date if so desired. End dates/time are not mandatory
  • Select Create to complete the subscription setup


  • Once completed, you should see a subscription with your delivery configuration like below:


Sample Event:

MT ( Mobile Termination) Event:

  "topic": "SCG-Message",
  "attempt": 1,
  "event": {
    "fld-val-list": {
      "attachment_ids": "UIRqnwwhbLS106HNECVzG5",
      "previous_state": "SENT",
      "message_request_id": "96Wf3kBe2DJXhyqBOxsFO6",
      "message_id": "176ySDuGoChplVgiz2lcm7",
      "to_address": "+14085551212",
      "has_attachment": true,
      "reason_description": "SUCCESS",
      "application_id": 1704,
      "reason_code": "200",
      "sender_id_alias": "Gladiator",
      "company-id": 15xx,
      "sender_id_id": "RexWQXiD7pF7KzvepiygC7",
      "external_message_request_id": "",
      "new_state": "DELIVERED",
      "fragments_count": 1,
      "from_address": "66000",
      "mt_price": 0.035
    "evt-tp": "message_state_change",
    "timestamp": "2019-09-21T01:00:38.89Z"
  "event-id": "p0UFoavETOWmOf3zBCRYLw"

(MO) Mobile Origination event

        "message_body":"Test MO message",
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