Send Group Messaging using SCG API

Group Messaging allows you to send messages from your application to up to 10 Mobile phone recipients as a group that can engage in a 2-way communication at the same time. The group messaging capability is only available to US destination numbers and it is enabled by using the Syniverse MMS service which requires that the application has a valid US TN (Telephone number) with MMS capabilities provisioned. 


  • Valid US Telephone Number (Sender ID) with MMS provisioned - For information on how to purchase a US Sender address or migrate your Sender ID, please visit 
  • A registered SPID (Service Provider ID)/NNID (Netnumber ID) provisioned on our MMS/SMS-IP platforms
  • An Opt-in/Opt-out process must be in place for group messaging. Group messaging traffic must be opted in by the recipient and an opt out language must be available to the recipient.

Please note that if you are using Syniverse's SPID, meaning you bought a Sender address from Syniverse, group messaging is currently only available in the US and on AT&T and Sprint only.

How to send a Group Message via SCG API.

With your application programmed with your Sender address, below is a sample message request to send a Group Message: 

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer 8f8a41a5766eff1001a54e920d16f95" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"from":"EGec4ENUHMOf2AOSBGJek","to":["+14085551212","+19135551212", "+16695551212"],"body":"Hello World","group_mms":true}'

It is important that the attribute "group_mms" is set to "true" to enable group messaging. For more information on Syniverse's messaging APIs, please visit our documents page at 

Note: As part of the MO messages, a .SMIL attachment is also sent. Depending on your application needs, you could ignore the SMIL attachment in your webhook configuration.

Sample MO Event for Group MMS


  "topic": "SCG-Message",

  "attempt": 1,

  "event": {

    "fld-val-list": {

      "attachment_ids": "crXLv4gyFmMGNtWXNl6kL",

      "mo_price": 0.015,

      "message_id": "Kn5aJ5xS2X5pR4QBL5vXH4",

      "to_address": "18327879821",

      "has_attachment": true,

      "application_id": 1714,

      "sender_id_alias": "ljX2KJbs8zowzC8rFexzn6",

      "company-id": 1500,

      "sender_id_id": "ljX2KJbs8zowzC8rFexzo6",

      "message_body": "Hello from Kola",

      "group_to": "[\"+18138109839\",\"+18327879721\",\"+181339911=214\"]",

      "fragments_count": 1,

      "from_address": "+14086081111"


    "evt-tp": "mo_message_received",

    "timestamp": "2020-01-31T16:24:01.312Z"


  "event-id": "hvM5462vS0WhaMHp2Wwifw"



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