US and Canada Carrier Pass-thru fees

Some US and Canadian Carriers levy a fee per message that is sent and received on their network for A2P messaging. These fees are passed on to each Customer as an additional charge for messages that are delivered and received.  Below is an outline of the pass thru fees and the Carriers that are applicable.

US Canada  
Carrier MT Pass-thru MO Pass-thru   Carrier MT Pass-thru MO Pass-thru  
T-Mobile $0.0025 $0.0025    Bell Mobility and Bell MVNOs (Aliant, Telebec, NorthernTel, Virgin Mobile Canada) CN$0.01 CN$0.01  
AT&T $0.0025 0 Effective July 1st 2018 Rogers (and MVNO Fido) CN$0.0025 CN$0.0025  
Sprint (Virgin, Boost) $0.0050 $0.0050   Telus and Videotron CN$0.0050 CN$0.0050  
Verizon $0.0025 0   Freedom Mobile CN$0.0025 CN$0.0025 Effective Sept 1 2018
 US Cellular


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