Guide to composing Text-to-Speech (TTS)


If you would like a number to be read as separate digits, use a space between the digits.  This ensures that numbers are played back to the recipient in more audible way. Let's say you want to play a PIN code ( "five", "five", "three", "two", "six","zero" ) to a recipient, space the digits out as 5 5 3 2 6 0. To slow down the reading of the digits even more, add commas and spaces, as in 5, 5, 3, 2, 6, 0. To say “one hundred twenty four,” as a single whole number, don’t use spaces at all, as in 124.
If you enter a phone number as 408-555-1212, the TTS voice will read it as “four zero eight [pause] five five five [pause] one two one two.” 



The TTS voice can read date formats. If you enter a date as 2/14/15, it will be read as “February fourteenth, fifteen.” 2/14/2015 will be read as “February fourteenth, twenty fifteen.”
Time is also read in a very straightforward manner. 8:15 is read as “eight fifteen.” 8:15 PM is read as “eight fifteen p m.” In military time, 20:15 is read as “twenty fifteen.”

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