How to Purchase or Migrate an existing Shortcode Sender Address

The Syniverse Cloud Messaging (SCG) services is an Omni-channel communication platform that allows customers to engage their end-users over a wide range of communication channels. To enable the functionalities, a Sender Address is required which serves as a unique identifier for the Business or its Campaign. Sender Address can either be purchase or requested.

Shortcode Sender address whether it be in numeric format or Alpha format needs to be requested and provisioned before it can be used on the Cloud Messaging platform. Customer need to work with their assigned Implementation Manager or Customer Success manager to trigger the flow.

Once the Implementation process has been completed, Customer needs to follow the process below to request and activate their Sender address in their account

How to request a Shortcode (Numeric/Alpha) Sender Address


  1. Voice and Messaging Service offering
  2. A valid Syniverse Application
  3. A valid Postpaid account

Requesting a Shortcode (Numeric/Alpha) Sender address


  1. Log in to the SCG UI/Messaging Console via the Syniverse Developer Community portal
  2. Click on Voice and Messaging Console
  3. Select your Account if prompted
  4. In the SCG Messaging Console, navigate to the “Messaging Account” in the left nav and click on “Sender Address”Purchase_Sender_Capture.PNG
  5. Customer clicks on purchase_button.pngbutton and selects the Sender address type and Country.


  1. If customer is migrating or already has shortcode provisioned in Syniverse and has the Shortcode number handy, Customer should click the link on the page below.
  2. Next step is for the customer to complete the Shortcode request form. For shortcode migration or if you are looking to provision your existing code, please make sure to upload the receipt for the shortcode. If you don’t have this info, please reach out to your Syniverse account rep for assistance. Please note that default subscribe consent for shortcodes on the Syniverse Communication gateway is “User”. Additional charges and subscription apply to the use of “Syniverse Managed” consent.


Request_Submit_Capture.PNG8. Once the form has been completed, submit the request and a Syniverse Implementation manager will contact you on next steps. Please note that for new Shortcodes that requires Carrier approval, implementation could take up to 8 weeks.



If provisioning a Shortcode and you already have the Shortcode value:

curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"name":"Kolanator Campaign2","class_id":"COMMERCIAL","type_id":"SHORTCODE","address":"445557","country":"USA","consent_managed_by":"USER","register_number":"false","capabilities":["SMS"],"billing":{"receipt": " Kola Receipt","expiration_date":"12.13.2028","company_name":"Kolanator","authorized_user":"Kola","phone":"+14086881111","email":"","message_type":"SMS","description":" Messaging SC Production campaign ","shortcode_type":"NUMERIC","campaign_type":"TRANSACTIONAL","campaign_website":"","campaign_discovery":"Website", "country":"USA","expected_date_of_service": "","use_case": "Alerts","estimated_volume":"1000000"}}'

If you are provisioning an ALPHA sender Address, make sure you use the parameters & values as outlined:

  • "type_id" = SHORTCODE
  • "address" = Your ALPHA value
  • "country" = Country where you Alpha sender is registered for
  • "shortcode_type" = ALPHA


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