Using the Unsolicited Opt_out feature in SCG

The SCG Unsolicited Opt-out feature is an optional service that is part of the CPaaS engagement pack that when provisioned on a numeric sender ID (Longcode, shortcode, Toll-free number) allows the Syniverse CPaaS consent management service to blacklist any mobile number that sends a STOP MO Keyword (Opt-Out) to that specific sender ID.

This feature can be added to new Sender IDs via the Purchase API or via our White-glove Implementation process. To add to an existing Sender ID, customer should contact Syniverse customer service or their account manager.

curl -X POST \\
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer{Token}
-d '{"name":"Kolanator_Test_Code_55555","class_id":"COMMERCIAL","type_id":"SHORTCODE","address":"55555","country":"USA", "consent_managed_by":"SCG_UNSOLICITED_OPT-OUT","register_number":"false","capabilities":["SMS"],"billing":{"receipt": "Syniverse-1","expiration_date":"02.4.2019","company_name":"Kolanator","company_id":"0000","authorized_user":"Kola L","phone":"+18131111111","email":"","message_type":"SMS","description":" SMS Messaging campaign ","shortcode_type":"NUMERIC","campaign_type":"TRANSACTIONAL","campaign_website":"www.kolanator.comom","campaign_discovery":"website", "country": "USA","expected_date_of_service": "02.4.2019","use_case": "Messaging Campaign","estimated_volume":"1000000"}}'

Provisioning of Opt-out Keywords and STOP MTs

Once your shortcode has been provisioned with the Unsolicited Opt-out feature, you now need to have an Opt-out keyword configured. This will be done by Syniverse, but you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Opt-out keyword: This is the keyword your users will send to your sender address. Values could be:
    • STOP
    • END
    • QUIT
    • CANCEL
  2. Opt-out Message: This is also known as the STOP MT. It is an auto response message sent to the user's mobile number after they send in an Opt-out keyword letting them know they will no longer receive a message from you. e.g. " You will no longer receive a SMS message from Kolanator Enterprise"

All subsequent MT messages from that specific sender ID to the specific mobile number will be blocked by the CPaaS platform until a non-STOP MO is received from the mobile number.

Please note that for Toll-free numbers in the US, the Operators support STOP commands from users and processes them automatically. The user will receive an auto-generated STOP Message directly from the Operators stating that all messages to their number from the particular Toll-free number would be blocked. To unblock the Sender ID, the user in this case would need to send another MO with the keyword = unstop. (This is only applicable to Toll-free number messaging in the US)


How to get a List of blocked/blacklisted numbers

Customers can list the blocked number's consent status for a particular sender ID.  (Note: This API returns a default of 50 records but can always adjust the “offset & limit” values in the API to retrieve the next 50 records)



curl -X GET -H 'Authorization:Bearer {Token}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"





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