What is CNAM?

Caller Name (CNAM) , also referred to as Caller Name Presentation or Caller Name Delivery is used in US-based telephone networks to provide name identification of the calling party. The CNAM information is most often displayed in Caller ID. The information could be the person's name or a company name. This feature is available on the Syniverse CPaaS Voice API service as an optional service that can be added to an active Voice-Capable numbers leased by Customer directly from Syniverse.

Caller Name is only available to US numbers and for outbound calling terminating to US numbers only. A Caller Name cannot be more than 15 characters (including spaces) and needs to be provided by the customer.  Customer shall provide a verifiable name along with authorization for Syniverse to implement this on behalf of the customer. Syniverse does not guarantee that a Caller Name will be approved and is not be responsible for any violation of the Truth in Caller ID rules including but not limited to Caller ID spoofing.

For more information about CNAM, please contact us at Syniverse Sales

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