How to create a Keyword auto reply


The SCG portal provides the Keywords option in the Messaging menu to create and edit the keywords auto response functionality.

The Keywords functionality is useful to define auto reply messages when MO contains specific word in its message body. When SCG evaluates the message and find a configured keyword then the defined reply is sent back to originating address.

The use of wildcards give flexibility when defining how to evaluate the message when searching for keywords.


This document provides a step-by-step description on how to create keywords configurations the fundamental parameters when implementing them.


Creating a Keyword in SCG UI

Setting an auto reply when an MO message's body start with a specific keyword “myKey”. In this case we need to define that the keyword “myKey”.


Login to Syniverse SDC and get to Voice & Messaging Console:



Select the SCG account in which you want to create the Keyword:



Locate the Keyword option on the left vertical Messaging menu:



Click the +New Keyword red button:



Fill in the Create new keyword fields:



Detailed fields description


Name: A short name for the keyword definition.

Description: This field is available for a long description for the keyword defining the auto reply.

Keyword: The specific "keyword" the SCG will evaluate in the MO messages to match. When a match occurs, the autoreply is sent.

Case Sensitive: indicate SCG to enforce a case sensitive match when evaluating the MO message.

Sender ID: Set the keyword definition exclusively for a sender Id.

Valid From and Valid To: set the validity period for SCG to evaluate the keyword and autoreply.

Wildcard: Allows the use of wildcards.

Additional Information: For additional info about the keyword.

Campaign ID: to be related to a campaign Id. This help identify a campaign's keywords.

Attachments: To include attachments in the autoreply.

Template: To use a template as auto reply.

Reply Text: text body for the keyword autoreply.


Finally click the Save green button:




Non-Wildcarded Keywords priority: An important consideration about keywords without wildcards have the heights priority in the evaluation processing. If a MO message match a non-wildcarded keyword the evaluation processing stops, and the matched keyword reply is then sent.


Find here additional information about How to use Wildcards when creating Keywords


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