SCG Quick Start guide

Quick Start guide to using the SCG Voice & Messaging Service.

To get started, please read and familiarize yourself with the Voice and Messaging Service offering user guide and API reference documents. Both documents are available and can be accessed under the documents menu.

Once registration is completed through the SDC (Syniverse Developer Community) portal and you are automatically subscribed to the Voice and Messaging service offering. Next step is to configure your application.


Now you are ready to send your first SMS message.

Syniverse Communication Gateway offers APIs for sending and receiving messages over SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notification services.

Sending a SMS or MMS MT (Mobile Termination) Message via API or UI


Sending a MT (Mobile Termination) Message from your application

To send a message to a recipient via the SCG API , you will need the following:

  1. Base URL:
  2. A Channel ID or a Sender ID. SCG provides a Test Channel ID for your convenience.
  3. A recipient number in E164 format. ( If using a trial account and the recipient number is a US Mobile number, you will need to whitelist this number)
  4. Bearer Token: This is your Access token that is generated with your registered application.

For example, using your application, POST a message request to the provided base URL using the sample CURL below:

Syniverse has provided you with a Public US Test Channel for SMS, Channel ID = 1KJPMkuHQkair_o15etpmg


curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer [Access Token]" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"from":"channel: 1KJPMkuHQkair_o15etpmg ","to":"+14082225555","body":"Hello from SCG message"}'


"id": "SJciWWUnfw369P9KyTnkJ2"



For sample libraries and cURLs to get you started, visit our repositories here

Optionally, you can also access the Voice & Messaging Offering console application for a visual function of the APIs

The SCG message console dashboard includes the following menu structure:

Sending Messages via the Message Console

  1. Select Messaging and click on “ Send Message”
  2. If you are sending a SMS, make sure the SMS tab is selected and input your parameters.
  3. Select a Sender ID or Channel you wish to Send from
  4. Input a mobile number ( International format) or select from a contact list or Contact group
  5. Select the appropriate template if sending from Syniverse public channel or Sender ID otherwise input you message in the Message box
  6. Click Send or Cancel.

View Status of Sent Message in UI

  1. Select “Outbox” under the Message tab
  2. View your message details in the window. Double-Click Message to get more details

View Received Messages

  1. Select “INBOX” under the message tab
  2. View messages in your inbox….latest messages is usually on top
  3. Click message for more details.

Receiving a MO (Mobile Originated) message in your Application

To receive messages sent to your application from a mobile phone number, you will need the following:

  1. Purchase a Dedicated Sender Address: This is a unique identifier to which a user can sender you a message. For more info on Sender Address, please check out the SCG user guide. To Purchase a Dedicated Sender Address to use for your application, please refer to the "How to Purchase a Sender ID on SCG " article or contact your Syniverse account manager. Please note that a payment account is required to purchase a dedicated Sender address. A trial account cannot be used to purchase a Sender Address.
  2. A subscription to Events Manager: This is a Callback service where all the events including MO messages destined for your application is POST to your application. For more info on how to subscribe and setup your application to receive status events, please visit the Events manager guide here
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