How to create Fast Access by contacts file upload


The SCG portal provides the Fast Access Configurations menu option to create and edit contact’s Fast Access fields.

Additionally, there is an alternative way for implicit creation of Fast Access fields in the process of Importing a .CSV contacts data file. Click here for more information about how to upload contacts data from a .CSV file.

This document provides a description on how to create Fast Access fields configurations for new additional contacts fields that later can be used or referenced in messages templates and dynamic contacts groups.


The .CSV data file format

The SCG Import functionality currently have a basic format that includes the standard fields for the SCG Addressbook. 

  • external_id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • birth_date
  • first_acquisition_date
  • last_acquisition_date
  • primary_mdn
  • primary_addr_line1
  • primary_addr_line2
  • primary_addr_city
  • primary_addr_zip
  • primary_addr_state
  • primary_addr_country
  • primary_email_addr
  • social_handlers
  • preferred_language
  • voice_preference


Defining new fields in the .CSV data file

To create additional contacts fields (Fast Access fields), you can add additional columns to your .CSV data file. SDC contact Import process then identify every column header as a field name and in case the field does not exist the import process automatically creates a Fast Access field with the column header as name and import the column data in the new field.


Let’s assume we don’t have an “Age” field in our SCG Fast Access Configuration:



As we don’t have the “Age” Fast Access then there is no “Age” field in the contacts page:



In case we need a new field “Age”, we could set it up in the Fast Access Configuration and then we could type the new contact information manually in the contacts page.


An alternative option is to upload new contacts data from a .CSV file and include the new field “Age” (or fields if needed) in this data file to be created and data uploaded all at once.


Then in our example we could upload contacts data from a .CSV file including our new field “Age” and the data in it as this:



After uploading the .CSV file then we should see the new Fast Access Field configuration:



The new field “Age” should be show in the Contacts page with the uploaded data on it:



After uploading the contacts information and additional Fast Access data you can use this information to create Contacts Groups and as reference in messaging templates.



For additional information about contacts groups:

How to use Fast Access fields on Dynamic Groups.


For additional information about messaging templates:

How to use Fast Access fields on messaging templates.





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