How to use Fast Access fields on Dynamic Groups


SCG offers functionality to create addressbook, out the box in the SCG UI. When requirements start demanding additional properties on the contacts and the ability to reference them, we find the SCGs Fast Access fields to upload these custom contacts properties and have them available for reference.


In some cases, there is a need to group the contacts to target with specific messaging. SCG allows us to create Groups of contact, manually (static) listing the contacts or dynamically defining criteria that allows SCG identify the contacts we want in the group.


This document provides a general procedure to create a dynamic contacts group using fast access fields in the Dynamic Group rule.


What is required?

We are assuming that we already had uploaded the contacts and the upload include the fast access field we are going to use as reference in the Dynamic Group rule. For further information about uploading contacts with fast access fields click here.

For this example, let's assume:

  • Contacts are already uploaded into the SCG Addressbook.
  • There is a fast access field 4 for the contact group.
  • We want to send a message to all the contacts with group value 73.


Solution: we need to create a contacts group for all contacts where the group value is 73. For this, follow the described steps:


Creating the new Group

1. Login to SDC portal and find Voice and Messaging Console:



2. Select your account to get into your SCG UI:



3. Confirm the Fast Access field for the "Group" reference value by reviewing the Addressbook / Fast Access configuration:



4. Verify the example use case: Fast Access field 4 is the "group":



5. Now we can create a new Group: Click the Addessbook / Contact Group option on the menu:



6. Click the New Contact Group red button:



7. Set the Group type as Dynamic:



8. Set a name, Id and description as your choice and the Dynamic Group rule to: {fast_access_4:'73'}

SetNote: Any Fast Access field that has mappings may be referenced with the attribute name from the mapping as: fast_access.{Attribute Name}. In the example: {'73'}

9. Click save.



The new Group is now listed in the existing Groups:



We can double click the new Group and confirm the selected contacts:



The new group is now available in the contacts groups for sending messages:




Additional information

For further information about Contacts and Fast Access fields:

How to Upload contacts with social handlers via SCG UI

How to configure Contacts Fast Access fields in SCG portal

How to create Fast Access by contacts file upload

More details about Dynamic Group Queries


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