How to send a verified SMS Message programmatically.

Before you can send a verified SMS, please make sure you are already familiar with what Verified SMS is and you have the following items:

  • A Syniverse Omni-channel Messaging Account with subscription to run A2P SMS
  • A registered Verified SMS Agent setup by Syniverse with your verified brand information
  • Syniverse has provisioned  A2P Sender ID(s) for the Verified SMS agent 
  • Familiarity with our SCG API reference document

Sending a verified SMS message

Using your Sender ID which has been provisioned with your Agent :

Submit the following request using the Send SMS API resource and the attribute {verify_sms} set to true

curl -L -X POST ''
-H 'Authorization: Bearer Token'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-raw '{
"to": "+14085551212",
"body":"Testing verified SMS."

The SCG API includes an integrated capability check flag such that when a message is sent with the verify_sms attribute set with the value = true, our platform also performs a device capability check before attempting to complete verification.

If the user has enabled verified SMS on their device, they will receive your SMS message with your branding information and a verification badge. If they have not enabled Verified SMS or our using an iOs device, the SMS message will be delivered without the branding info.


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